You know mindset is the key to success. Your subconscious mind runs up to 90% of your day-to-day habits and patterns. This work can help you quantum leap your life to saying everyday "I fucking love my life."



I'm here to guide successful women on a destination to new perspectives and lifestyle.
This includes luxurious locations with unique experiences in-person and first class ticket mind travel via Zoom. 

Hundreds of clients completely up leveled their lifestyle and businesses working with me.

As a Mind Surgery Method Practitioner and business coach, I use my understanding of the mind and dynamic experience of entrepreneurship.

Some of the clients I've helped include: doctors, health coaches and practitioners, network marketers, realtors, insurance and investment agents, and 7-figure sales and marketing teams.

The direction you'll receive with this work together looks like you feeling fulfilled, refining your intuition and making relationships deeper all the while experiencing really cool, the most fun and unique places and experiences - so you can feel the excitement of being the real you. 

You've already worked so hard, you've checked off so many successful life checklist things... and now it's time to seek finding yourself and trusting the connection with others. This work is all about fulfillment, fun, and freedom of self-expression and acceptance.




Claim your first class ticket to mind travel so you can create the life and business beyond your wilds dreams - say yes to yourself.


For the woman who desires to create a life and business of "more than enough".

Treat yourself to this self-led 4-part workshop that has the most powerful science-backed mind programming tools I've ever experienced!




You've checked all the boxes.

You've worked hard to get where you are... and now what?

How do you actually enjoy your success?

You also know you have it in your to go farther doing what actually lights you up... and there's something stopping you you know needs cleared.

You are willing to do the mindset work so you can move forward with your dreams and desires with e a s e and have way more fun!

This is your first class opportunity to get to know who you are, what you *really* want and while you're at it to actually love and accept yourself!

Full Potential will give you a personalized hybrid of mindset coaching and high-level business strategy.

You have the option of 6 months or 12 months of support with Mindy's coaching sessions, text support and accountability between Zoom video sessions. 

Investment of $10K or $20K (with monthly payment options).

Client acceptance by application and consultation call only.

* One spot available now*


I vividly remember the decision...

Deciding I was no longer going to try to live a "normal" life. I wasn't going to settle for the conversations that included the word "fine" and weather, or the small town gossip. I was only going to work for myself and do business in a way that serves my best health and happiness. The 29 year old Mindy's decision to move from small town Iowa to Times Square, NYC - a regret that 84 year old Mindy would've had if she would't have said 'yes' even with panic attack level of fear.

Sharing her story of significant health diagnosis's and life Traumas that led her to working with women like her that were no longer available to settle for anything less than beyond their wildest dreams.

Becoming her best self, and then creating the next best level and again. Designing and creating her dream home - spa sanctuary included. To celebrating almost 15 years of a happy and healthy marriage.

Saying yes to scuba diving with sharks at depths of 140 feet. 

I'm obsessed with learning, adventure, my husband, my dogs, and helping women live a life beyond their wildest dreams, now, today - not someday.

Ready for your next chapter?

You know you'll get farther faster and have more fun on your journey with support, so let's do this together!

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